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Service NSW encourages staff to actively engage with the community and create connections.

Our people are drawn from the communities they serve and there is great commitment to give back, whether as individuals or collectively.

This approach complements our culture of placing the customer at the heart of everything we do.

Our Disability Inclusion Action Plan

Service NSW is made up of great teams who represent the diversity of the communities we serve.

The Service NSW Disability Inclusion Action Plan outlines a range of initiatives we aim to implement by 2017 and is endorsed by the Chief Executive Officer of Service NSW, and the Executive Steering Committee.

In addition to the Executive Steering Committee, Service NSW has established a Disability Inclusion Action Plan Committee which includes representatives from all levels across our network. The committee will be responsible for driving implementation of the activities outlined in the Service NSW Disability Inclusion Action Plan.

If you have any questions about the plan, please email

Download the Service NSW Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2015 to 2017 – PDF

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