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Service NSW provides “one stop shop” Government services to the public of NSW, operating in separate locations across NSW as well as publishing the Service NSW website and call centre.

Opportunities exist for Government departments and private sector businesses to advertise their own services through the Service NSW network of stores and through placing advertisements on the Service NSW website and on the in-store screens inside service centres.

For the purposes of these guidelines, the term “Service NSW Media” refers to all advertising placement opportunities across the Service NSW network, including digital advertising, on screen advertising and other formats.  All advertising services using media owned by Service NSW are accountable for adhering to these guidelines at all times.

Key principles

  1. All advertisements must comply with applicable Commonwealth, State and Territory laws and regulations, and industry guidelines including the Australian Association of National Advertisers.
  2. Service NSW reserves the exclusive right to review the contents of all advertisements prior to publication and to reject any advertisement deemed inappropriate for display on Service NSW media.
  3. Initial acceptance of any advertisement does not imply that subsequent advertisements from the advertiser, even with the same or similar content, will be approved.
  4. The appearance of advertising on, in or in connection with Service NSW does not imply any endorsement of the advertised company or product.

These guidelines are subject to review by Service NSW at any time. In the event that Service NSW receives negative public or media feedback about any advertisement, it reserves the right to postpone publication pending review.

Advertising that is not permitted under any circumstances

The following categories of advertising are not permitted:

  • tobacco, gambling, lotteries or advertising promoting the consumption or sale of alcohol;
  • advertising that causes offence or incites hatred of any individual, group or class;
  • advertisements containing scenes or descriptions of non-consensual pain, suffering, death, torture or ill-treatment of humans or animals;
  • advertising relating to bombs, guns, ammunition and other offensive weapons;
  • advertising containing sexually explicit content and/or sexual innuendo and/or advertising containing offensive language;
  • advertising that is misleading or deceptive or be likely to mislead or deceive;
  • advertising that contains a misrepresentation which is likely to cause damage to the business or goodwill of a competitor;
  • advertising that is defamatory; or
  • advertising that is of a political nature.

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