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Traffic and road closures

Rail closures

Vehicle registrations and licences

Registration and licensing concessions and refunds will be offered to customers if their vehicle or other relevant documentation has been lost, damaged or destroyed during the NSW bushfires.

  • Replacement cards (driver licences, NSW Photo Cards or Mobility Parking Scheme cards) will be issued for free if cards have been lost or damaged during the NSW bushfires.  
  • NSW Photo Cards are posted to customers generally within 5 business days.
  • Driver licence holders will receive a receipt which will act as a temporary licence for a period of 30 days until their photo card arrives in the post.
  • You can download the Service NSW app to access your NSW Digital Driver Licence. The digital driver licence is legal for use across NSW at no additional cost.

For more information, visit the Natural disasters and emergencies - customer assistance policy at the Transport for NSW website.

Number plates

For number plates lost or destroyed as a result of the bushfires, customers must provide a completed Number Plate Form – PDF at a Service NSW Centre, in order to reapply for plates. If applicable, there will also be:

  • a waiver of the 6-month waiting period for the issue of replacement plates with the same content
  • a waiver of reissue, remake and hold fees
  • no necessity to provide a police Event Number if applying for a reissue or remake of number plates.


The $40 tag security deposit/s on an E-Toll tag will be waived if your tag has been lost, damaged or destroyed during the NSW bushfires.

Vessel registrations, boat and PWC licences

Note: For requests by email or mail, the replacement will be sent to the address shown on the licence or registration. If you want it sent to a different address, you'll need to make your request by phone, or in person at a Service NSW Centre.

If your vessel has been destroyed in the bushfires you're entitled to a refund of any remaining funds on the vessel registration.

If you can, supply a copy of the insurance claim deeming the vessel a total loss, or a statutory declaration with details of the circumstances. If you're not able to supply either of these documents:

  1. Complete the Request for Refund (Maritime) – PDF.
  2. In the space under 'Other Maritime Refunds':
    • clearly state that the vessel was destroyed by the bushfires, and
    • include the address where the vessel was destroyed, if it is not your normal address.
  3. Attach a photo of the destroyed vessel (if possible).
  4. Email or mail your request to the details on the form.

Motor vehicle stamp duty and fines

If your motor vehicle was written off in a declared natural disaster, the NSW government may be able to refund any motor vehicle duty you pay on a replacement vehicle.

Revenue NSW may also be able to:

  • give you more time to lodge any documents or returns
  • defer enforcing any fines against you
  • extend your payment deadlines
  • agree not to charge you interest
  • arrange for you to pay any debts in instalments.

More information can be found on the Revenue NSW website.