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Mobile phone charge waivers

Telstra, Optus and Vodafone are providing unlimited access to emergency service websites for customers in bushfire-affected areas.

There will be no costs for bushfire-impacted customers accessing:


Telstra customers who've suffered severe damage or loss of their premises can call 132 203 for information on:

  • free call diversion from the customer’s Telstra fixed phone service for a maximum period of 6 months from the date of the fire
  • a one-off credit to the value of $500 including GST to the customer’s Telstra fixed phone account to help cover the costs of the following, if required:
    • connection of a Telstra fixed phone service at one temporary residence
    • re-connection of a Telstra fixed phone service at the customer’s original permanent premises.

In areas where customers are waiting for network damage to be repaired, or where they are still evacuated, the following short-term measures will be in place for a maximum period of 3 months:

  • free use of Telstra public payphones in the affected areas
  • free use of Telstra Air payphone hotspots in the affected areas
  • free call diversion from an affected fixed home or business phone service to another fixed or mobile service of the customer’s choice, regardless of the carrier
  • customers who use the free call diversion to divert their affected fixed home or business phone to their Telstra mobile service can also make local and STD® calls on their mobile at fixed-line rates, in accordance with their selected plan (limited to one designated Telstra mobile per affected household or business).
  • affected Telstra mobile customers who do not have a Telstra home phone can receive a one-off credit to the value of $100 inc. GST (limited to one mobile phone per Telstra mobile account).


Optus customers who have been impacted by the bushfires can call 1300 301 671  for information on:

  • free call diversions from an Optus fixed home phone to any mobile or fixed number

  • extended timeframes for bill payments

  • bill waivers in instances of extreme financial hardship

  • free suspension, relocation or cancellation of an Optus fixed service

  • free prepaid recharges for eligible impacted customers.

Note: Optus is covering the costs of eligible volunteer firefighters’ mobile services for December 2019 and January 2020. If you’re an active volunteer firefighter with an Optus bill, call 1300 301 671 to see if you qualify.


Vodafone customers can apply for Vodafone’s hardship assistance and may be eligible for bill waivers, payment extensions and waived cancellation/late fees.

Call 1300 650 405 for help or more information.