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Choose a career advisor service

  1. Browse the career advisor services and select the best option for your current needs.
  2. Select the ‘Make an appointment’ button.
  3. Follow the prompts to schedule your 15-minute careers consultation session. 

Generalist career advisor support

Generalist career advisors can help you:

  • explore your career options
  • develop a career strategy
  • identify your transferrable skills
  • research the labour market and utilise your network
  • develop your resume, write cover letters, and prepare for job interviews.

Your career advisor will work with you to understand your needs and provide tailored support.

Support for people with disability

If you’re a person with disability, your career advisor can provide the same assistance as a Generalist while also taking your specific needs into consideration. They can help you with: 

  • getting ready for work
  • accessing education and training options
  • finding job opportunities 
  • accessing ongoing support in your job, including on-the-job training, communication and modifying your workplace to suit your needs. 

Support for people from a culturally or linguistically diverse background

If you’re from a culturally and/or linguistically diverse background, your career advisor can provide tailored support to meet your unique needs.

They can assist you to identify and gain recognition for the skills and knowledge you already have and empower you to secure employment and progress your career.

If you would like support in a specific language, a translator can be arranged to assist you.

Support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

If you identify as an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander person, your career advisor can assist you with the same aspects of your career as a Generalist while also ensuring respect for culture and community is maintained.

They can empower you to identify education, training and opportunities to meet your specific needs.

Support for women entering the construction industry

If you’re a woman looking to enter the construction industry, your career advisor can provide tailored guidance, including advice on skills and qualifications required, recognition of existing and transferable skills, education and training options and how to find industry information and contacts.