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The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) is running a clean-up of flood debris on private land program (the Program) to support the community and environment to recover by cleaning up flood debris in rivers, beaches and on shorelines in NSW. The program will involve the EPA Project Managers (MRA Consulting Group) entering private land (at the land owners request) to clean up debris.

Why are we collecting your personal information?

Service NSW in partnership with NSW EPA is collecting personal information to coordinate support services to you as part of the Program.

What personal information will we collect?

Service NSW collects the following personal information to support the Program:

  • full name
  • phone number
  • email address
  • residential address
  • the address of the premises impacted
  • whether you are the property owner or tenant 
  • whether there is direct or easy access for vehicles to access and remove waste item(s)
  • whether the item is large
  • whether the item is hazardous
  • photo evidence of the waste 

How will we use and disclose your personal information?

Service NSW will use the personal information you provide for the primary reason that it was collected or a directly related secondary purposes. This includes to:

  • Coordinate the anthropogenic flood debris waste removal
  • Communicate with you about your request for services
  • Provide you with further information about the Program
  • Maintain and use information about you for our internal administrative purposes, including for the purpose of our interactions with you
  • Identify other related NSW Government support programs for which you may be eligible, or to identify other related products and services that may be relevant to you, or
  • Other directly related purposes.

Service NSW will disclose the personal information that you provide to the agencies we have partnered with to deliver the Program. This includes EPA and contractors engaged by this agency, including MRA Consulting group. This information is used to: 

  • Contact you about your request including to confirm the information or to request additional information
  • Co-ordinate the delivery of services to you,
  • Conducting auditing, investigation and compliance activities to assess whether the eligibility criteria have been and are being met, to investigate any allegations of fraud or failure to comply with the Program. This may involve sharing information with other public or private entities, and
  • Other directly related purposes.

Are you required by law to provide us with this information?

Providing us with the requested information is not required by law. However, if you choose not to provide us with the requested information, we may not be able to provide you with the relevant support.

Further information

Please see our privacy statement for more information about how Service NSW handles your personal information. This includes how you can access and seek correction of the information, how privacy enquiries or complaints can be made, how information is securely stored and how to contact us. Service NSW is located at 2-24 Rawson Place Sydney NSW 2000.

Last updated: 30 June 2022