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Driver testing

In response to the health advice and risks associated with COVID-19, Service NSW postponed driver testing across NSW at the end of March 2020.

This applied to all practical driver assessments conducted by Service NSW.

It did not apply to assessments conducted via the Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment Program or any other assessment provider outside of Service NSW.

Reintroduction of Driver Testing

On Wednesday 1 July, Service NSW re-opened driver testing bookings to all customers across the state. You will be able to book online, by phone or in person from this date.

As driver testing was closed for 3 months, we are experiencing a high demand for the service. To manage this, we've increased the number of tests available and will continue to take the necessary steps to minimise any delay.

When you attend a service centre for your test, you'll be required to sign a statutory declaration confirming you're well enough to undertake the test. You can download the Driver testing statutory declaration – PDF and have it ready to sign and be witnessed when you visit the service centre. Statutory declarations will also be available at the service centre. 

To ensure the safety of our customers and teams, social distancing practices are implemented in our centres – accompanying family or friends may be asked to wait outside.

Service NSW will also take measures to reduce the duration of a test by immediately returning to the centre if an applicant has been deemed as failing their test.