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What is a COVID Safe business? 

A COVID Safe business has completed its COVID-19 Safety Plan and registered as COVID Safe. For further information visit the NSW Government website or call 13 77 88.

What is COVID Safe Check-in?

The COVID Safe Check-in tool allows customers, staff and visitors to check in at businesses across NSW, and helps organisations to remain COVID safe and meet requirements for the accurate collection of customer contact details.

This data protects the community in allowing contact tracing by NSW Health.

What is the COVID Safe Check-in feature? 

The COVID Safe Check-In feature on the Service NSW app provides a contactless method – a QR code – to record your visit to COVID Safe businesses.

What is a QR code? 

A QR code is like a barcode. When signing into a COVID Safe business, you can use the Service NSW app to scan the business’ QR code provided to them by the NSW Government.

How do I scan the QR code? 

  1. You scan the COVID Safe Check-in code with your phone camera or a QR code reader.
  2. The smartphone reads the QR code and:
    • if the Service NSW app is already installed on your phone, this app will open and prompt you to confirm your contact details via the COVID Safe Check-in tool.
    • if the Service NSW app is not installed on your phone, you'll be directed to a webpage where you'll be given the choice to download the Service NSW app to check in or check in using the Service NSW webform.

Why am I being checked in to previously visited locations when I use COVID Safe Check-in?

We are currently investigating a bug that is causing customers with Samsung phones to be checked into previous locations when they scan NSW Government QR codes with their phone camera.

If you experience this issue, please scan the NSW Government QR code using the scanner within the Service NSW app instead of your phone camera. To do this:

  • open the Service NSW app
  • tap on 'COVID Safe Check-in'
  • check in use the scanning function within the tool. 

Do I need a MyServiceNSW account in order to use the COVID Safe Check-in tool in the Service NSW app?

No, you do not need a MyServiceNSW account. You can complete a guest check-in (no account log-in required) using the COVID Safe Check-in tool in the Service NSW app.

If you do not wish to download the Service NSW app you can complete the Service NSW webform check-in.

What are the minimum operating systems for the Service NSW app and the webform?

To use the app, ensure you have the latest operating system:

  • Android: Android 6 ("Marshmallow")
  • Apple: iOS 10.

To use the webform, ensure you have the latest version of your browser installed.

Note: If your device isn't compatible with the minimum operating requirements, please ask staff for alternative ways to check-in.

What if I’m a carer/parent or guardian of a person, can I sign in on their behalf? 

You can use the Service NSW app to register contact details for a dependant if that person is unable to complete their own electronic registration.

Can I sign in on behalf of someone, such as my family and friends?

You can use the Service NSW app to register contact details for another person if that person is unable to complete their own electronic registration. This might be because of age, disability or inability to understand the electronic registration device.

If you are signing in someone who isn’t a member of your household, make sure you confirm the best contact number for them. You should also show them the privacy notice displayed in the app.

Do I need to check out every time I leave the business location?

When leaving the business location, you're encouraged to ‘check out now’ using the COVID Safe Check-in tool in the Service NSW app. Checking out is optional but does help with contact tracing.

What if I leave the business and return later, do I need to check in again?

Yes, you need to check in each time you enter a business.

You’re also encouraged to ‘check out now’ using the COVID Safe Check-in tool in the Service NSW app when you leave the business. Checking out is strongly encouraged to help with contact tracing as it provides a more accurate window of time as to when you were at the business.

If I visit a business that has QR codes displayed at the entry to all the different areas within the complex (for example, café, pool and restaurant), do I need to check in at each area?

Yes, you need to check in at each of the different areas where QR codes are displayed. Checking in to each area provides more accurate information as to where you were within the business and helps with contact tracing.

I do not have a mobile or I do not have my mobile with me. What do I need to do? 

If you do not have a mobile phone or you're not carrying it with you, please sign in via the alternative method provided by the business.

There’s no internet connection at the business? What do I need to do? 

Please check your phone’s internet connection and try again. If you’re still unable to get internet connection, please sign in via the alternative method provided by the business.

I cannot scan the venue code on my device

To check in with the Service NSW app you need to enable the camera on your device through your device settings.

If it is still not working, please sign in via the alternative method provided by the business.

For what purpose will my information be used? 

Service NSW will only collect your name, contact details (as available on your MyServiceNSW Account), and date and time of entry so that NSW Health may contact you for the purpose of contact tracing, should it be necessary.

Who has access to the contact details I gave when I checked in using the COVID Safe Check-in tool?

To protect customers’ privacy, businesses and organisations using the NSW Government QR code are not able to access the customer contact details submitted at check in.

Access to the customer contact details (name and phone number) provided at check-in is restricted to authorised personnel in Service NSW and NSW Health.

NSW Government regulatory bodies are also able to view the total number of COVID Safe Check-ins at a business for a specific time and date to ensure businesses are meeting their COVID Safe responsibilities.  Regulatory bodies do not have access to customer contact details.

How long will my information be stored for? 

Service NSW will retain your information for 28 days.

How is my data protected? 

The contact details submitted via the COVID Safe Check-in tool are stored securely on a NSW
Government database.

What if I don’t want to provide my details? 

Some businesses are required to record customers' contact details under the Public Health Order, to assist with any contact tracing that may be necessary. Under the Order, you’re required to provide your details upon entry to these businesses. If you choose not to provide your details, you’ll be refused entry.

Do I need to check in if I’ve already made a booking at the business or if they already hold information about me?  

Yes. The business may collect and hold other types of personal information, such as loyalty cards or booking information, but this information can’t be used for the purposes of contact tracing.

How will I know if I've visited a business or organisation where an identified COVID-19 case has been?

People will be notified by NSW Health if a business or organisation they have checked in to is identified as a COVID-19 hotspot and advised of what they should do next.

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I have the COVIDSafe app, do I need to sign in at the business? 

Yes. The COVIDSafe app is a public health tool to help slow the spread of coronavirus in Australia. Businesses in NSW are required to record customers contact details to remain COVID Safe and assist with any future contact tracing that may be necessary.

Does the COVID Safe Check-in replace the federal COVIDSafe app? 

No, the COVID Safe Check-in tool on the Service NSW app is to help businesses comply with record-keeping regarding who has attended their premises. 

  • It provides businesses with a free, reliable and easy to use solution for check-ins.
  • It provides NSW residents with peace of mind their data is being stored securely. 
  • It provides NSW residents with one common, easy-to-use system.
  • This system complements the COVIDSafe app.

How do I manage notifications on my device? 

You can manage push notifications from the Service NSW app – at the top right, click the settings icon, select Notification Preferences, then make your choice for Push notifications.

What support is available? 

If you’re experiencing issues with the Service NSW app or require further information, contact Service NSW on 13 77 88 or visit your local Service NSW service centre.

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