With the latest COVID-19 health advice to stay home, we strongly advise you to use our website or call 13 77 88, rather than visit a service centre. Visit our COVID-19 page for information and advice on the assistance available for NSW residents and businesses.

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COVID-19 assistance

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Why are we collecting your personal information?

Service NSW (in partnership with the Australian Red Cross) is collecting your personal information to assist you during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Service NSW gives priority to protecting the privacy of your personal information. We do this by handling personal information in a responsible manner and in accordance with the NSW Privacy Laws: Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998.

Types of information we collect

Service NSW may collect your personal information, including:

  • your name (first name and initial of your surname)
  • your age range
  • the suburb and postcode where you live
  • your phone number
  • whether English is your primary language at home (an interpreter can be provided).

Providing us with the requested information is not required by law. However, if you choose not to provide us with the requested information, Service NSW and/or the Red Cross may not be able to provide you with the services and support you require.

Purpose of collecting your information

Service NSW is collecting your personal information for the following purposes:

  • connecting you with the Australian Red Cross so that they can check on your wellbeing and provide support
  • responding to enquiries in instances where the services and assistance have not been provided
  • other directly related purposes.

Service NSW may also collect aggregated and de-identified information for analytical and reporting purposes.

Using and sharing your information

Your personal information will be shared with the Australian Red Cross. Your personal information will be used for the primary reason that it was collected or a directly related secondary purpose, by Service NSW staff. It may also be used and disclosed to help prevent a serious or imminent threat to life or health or where we are authorised or required to do so by law. Any personal information will be kept by Service NSW for a period of 6 months before being deleted.

Service NSW collects, maintains and uses information about you for our internal administrative purposes, including for the purpose of interacting with you.

Service NSW may also share aggregated information with partner agencies (such as NSW Health and Resilience NSW) to report on COVID support efforts. All reporting will be de-identified and will not contain any personally identifiable information.

How Red Cross will handle your information

The information collected will be securely shared directly with the Australian Red Cross to allow the Australian Red Cross to provide specialised COVID-related support. This will include using your personal information to conduct outbound welfare check-in calls and provide wellbeing support. The Red Cross will only use your personal information for the purpose for which it was collected and will request your consent prior to any other secondary use. The information will be deleted after 2 months. The Red Cross will take reasonable security measures to protect your personal information from loss, unauthorised access, use, modification, disclosure, or other misuse.

For further details about how the Australian Red Cross handles personal information, please contact privacy@redcross.org.au or read their Privacy Collection Notice.

Service NSW will not provide your personal information to third parties for any purposes not already stated in this privacy notice, or to which you have not otherwise consented, unless Service NSW is required, or authorised, by law to do so.

Protecting your information

Service NSW will take reasonable security measures to protect your personal information from loss, unauthorised access, use, modification, disclosure, or other misuse.

Accessing your information

You may ask for access to the information we hold about you at any time and request to update, correct or amend your personal information by calling 13 77 88.

For further details about how Service NSW collects and manages personal information, how you can access and correct it, raise concerns about an alleged breach of privacy law or other relevant legislation, or to make a privacy complaint, please visit Service NSW Privacy.

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