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Community survey on fines in NSW

3 August, 2018

A review is being carried out to abolish outdated and unnecessary fines in New South Wales and ensure they are set at fair and reasonable levels.

The review led by the Customer Service Commissioner will not include fines that may impact road safety.

The review will include, but is not limited to the below:

  • Whether the current level of fines is fair by community standards.

  • The efficacy of fines in deterring undesirable behaviour including any ineffective fines to be abolished.

  • The administrative efficiency of the fines system.

  • The appropriateness of circumstances under which fines may be imposed.

  • The current indexation method.

  • Whether a process for periodic review of fine levels should be introduced.

As part of the review, the community is invited to have a say on parking and other fines.

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