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Meet Dylan Munro from Sydney's Eastern Beaches. He dreams of one day being completely cashless, walletless and keyless. His bank cards are on his smartwatch and smartphone and until recently, the only thing missing was his driver licence.

Together with his wife, Dylan signed up as a participant in the NSW Government’s Digital Driver Licence trial, which started in Sydney's Eastern Beaches in November last year.

"I travel frequently for work and don't enjoy carrying a wallet,” Dylan explains.

The trial was extended to Sydney’s Eastern Beaches after an initial trial in the NSW regional city of Dubbo, which continues to test the Digital Driver Licence. It’s an electronic version of the NSW driver licence, available through the Service NSW app.

Participants who opt-in to the trial, like Dylan, can use their Digital Driver Licence for proof of ID and proof of age to gain entry into pubs and clubs as well for roadside police checks in the selected trial areas.

Trial participants are helping to develop the Digital Driver Licence by providing feedback on access, use and effectiveness. They are still required to carry their plastic licence for the duration of the trial.

“Although I cannot use my Digital Driver Licence to check-in at the airport for my next trip, it was very easy to download the Service NSW app and sign-up for the Digital Driver Licence trial,” Dylan says.

“It's now ready to use if I am pulled over by police or if I am asked for ID at licenced venues in my local area.”

The Digital Driver Licence is hosted securely on the new Service NSW app, is protected with a PIN and can be accessed offline. It will provide an additional level of security and protection against identity fraud.

As Dylan points out, “...the Digital Driver Licence is more secure than the card too. If I lose my wallet, my plastic driver licence card can be stolen and used. If I lose my phone, I can simply cancel my licence. Digital is the way of the future.”

The Digital Driver Licence is expected to rollout statewide this year. More information is available.