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Today we follow Samantha O’Connor as she applies online for an Owner-Builder Permit with Service NSW.

Samantha clicks the ‘Apply online’ button.

This short list of questions helps determine whether Samantha qualifies for an Owner-Builder Permit.

Samantha clicks the ‘Submit’ button.

Samantha selects who owns the land and clicks the ‘Next’ button.

Samantha must register or log in to her MyServiceNSW account.

Samantha accepts the terms and conditions, and privacy statement and clicks on the ‘Verify’ button.

This application requires three identity documents to be presented. Samantha uses her driver licence, passport and Medicare card and clicks the ‘Verify’ button.

Samantha has now successfully verified three documents and clicks the ‘Next’ button.

Proposed building work

Samantha provides a few details about the work being undertaken and then clicks the ‘Next’ button.

Registered parties

All registered parties need to be detailed in the application.

Some of Samantha’s details have been pre-populated through her MyServiceNSW account and she enters the additional details required, clicks the ‘Save’ button and then clicks the ‘Next’ button.

Samantha needs to add all registered owners of the land to the application. Samantha clicks the ‘Add registered party’ button.

Samantha adds her co-owner Sean’s details, clicks the ‘Save’ button, and then clicks the ‘Next’ button.

With everything correct, Samantha checks the details of the entire application and clicks the ‘Next’ button.

To create the paperwork for Sean to sign, Samantha clicks the ‘Create paper documents’ button. It only takes a moment to generate the documents.

Once generated, the documents are downloadable from the screen. They have also been emailed to Samantha.

Samantha prints the documents for Sean to review and sign. Samantha then scans and uploads it back into her application.

Samantha clicks on the ‘Save and exit’ button, to come back to the application later.

Samantha has 30 days to return to her application.

At a later stage, Samantha returns to her MyServiceNSW account, finds her application and clicks the ‘Resume’ button.

Samantha is now ready to attach her documents. She selects the documents she has scanned, tells the system what is in the documents, clicks the ‘Confirm’ button and they will upload.

Samantha is now able to go to the applicant declaration and clicks on the ‘Go to section’ button. Samantha reads the declaration and agrees online and then clicks the ‘Apply’ button.

Now it is time to pay and submit.

Pay and submit

The application cost is displayed on the payment screen and Samantha uses her credit card to pay. Samantha enters her credit card details and is asked to confirm the payment for processing.

With the successful payment, Samantha is presented with a receipt. The receipt and application details have also been emailed to Samantha.

Samantha has now completed her online application for an Owner-Builder Permit.

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Find out how to apply and complete an Owner-Builder Permit online with Service NSW.