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As the owner of a caravan park in Lismore for many years, Geoff Smith relied on his staff to manage the computer-related side of the business. Now, as a self-described ‘happy 79-year-old retired senior’, Geoff has used the Cost of Living personal appointment service from Service NSW to save $1,655.56 in NSW Government rebates.

“The new digital age of communication passed me by,” Geoff said. “Luckily I saw the Premier announce on TV that Service NSW would assist seniors in getting the best available electricity deal, so I visited the Lismore office for help.”

The Cost of Living service provides an individually tailored one-stop shop to help customers to access more than 40 NSW Government rebates from 12 government agencies.

“The specialist first showed me how to save more than $90.00 a quarter on my electricity and then set about putting a fuel saving app and a seniors’ discount savings app on my mobile phone  plus demonstrating how to use them.”

“We then completed a really extensive Services NSW summary of goods and services available to me and I was given a written copy afterwards.”

Other savings Geoff claimed include the National Parks Exemption Card, Pensioner Free NSW Driver Licence Renewal, Recreational Fishing Fee Exemption, CTP Green Slip savings and the NSW Spectacles Program.     

“It was such a joy to receive such courteous assistance from the specialist,” Geoff said. “Prior to my visit I had no knowledge of many of these benefits. I am so glad that I availed myself of this wonderful free service and recommend it to all seniors.”

The service is available at selected Service NSW Centres by appointment, online or by calling 13 77 88.

Information and links to the Cost of Living rebates and savings are also available from the Service NSW website.