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It’s no secret that automation is the way of the future. Jobs considered mundane or too time consuming can in many instances be done by technology.

One such job involves entering the details of number plates returned in bulk into the system. It’s why the IT team at Service NSW came to the rescue and how Rita the robot was born.

Prior to her development, staff members would manually enter a number plates’ details into the system.

Fast forward to now - Rita has a flat conveyor belt with a camera and number plate recognition software. As the plates go across the conveyor belt, the details are digitised and automatically entered into the system.

She can scan and record the details of up to 600 plates an hour. This compares with 600 plates in a day which could be done by a person manually.

Program Manager Reggie Romero said Rita takes the robots out of humans.

“Rita automates repetitive business tasks usually performed by a person and allows them to focus on what they do best - interacting and serving the community,” Mr Romero said.

“This innovation has also resulted in more time for the personal development of staff, which is incredibly important at Service NSW.”

Rita is about making it easier for Service NSW employees and improving the lives of customers. She is just one way in which Service NSW is looking to automate the business to create more efficiencies.