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Less Red Tape, More Red Carpet for Small Business

Less Red Tape, More Red Carpet for Small Business
28 May, 2016

Small business will benefit from a reduction in red tape and duplication, under a pilot program announced today by the NSW Government.

The Easy to Do Business program will make it easier and faster to start cafés, restaurants and small bars in the Parramatta LGA. It is a joint initiative between Service NSW, the Offices of the NSW Small Business Commissioner, NSW Customer Service Commissioner and Parramatta Council.

It can take up to 18 months to set up get a café in NSW and people need to complete up to 48 forms and comply with up to 75 different regulations across different jurisdictions. The pilot aims to reduce the time it takes to set up a café to three months.

“We are living in the digital age and small business deserve better than to be buried under piles of unnecessary paperwork,” Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation Victor Dominello said.

“This pilot brings the NSW Government into the 21st century by creating one online form that shares information with other agencies to reduce duplication, and provides small business with a one-stop-shop and case manager to assist with compliance.”

Minister for Small Business John Barilaro said starting a business is never easy and the Government needs to remove the obstacles and bureaucratic barriers that currently exist.

“It’s hard to set up a business because all of the red tape, paperwork, and layers of Government get in the way and hold businesses up at every stage of the process,” he said.

“The Easy to Do Business Pilot is just the start of the Government’s plan to reduce costs and impediments by getting out of the pockets of the small businesses in NSW and allowing for an easier way to start up, scale up and innovate.”

Following the six-month pilot, other councils and industries – including retail, construction, print business and road freight, are envisaged to be included the program.

For further information or to learn more visit or phone 13 77 88.

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