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COVID-19 assistance

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To prioritise the safety of our customers and staff, Service NSW and Transport NSW have introduced a new Driver Testing Statutory Declaration for all NSW applicants. It asks applicants to advise if they are well, been in contact with someone affected by COVID-19, travelled overseas in the last 14 days or if they are displaying any cold or flu-like symptoms. The change comes into effect immediately in response to the latest health advice and risks associated with COVID-19.

Applicants are not required by law to provide their health information, however, if they select to not complete the statutory declaration their driving test may be discontinued, delayed or rescheduled with no fee at the discretion of Service NSW.

In addition, changes to driving assessments will commence on Friday 27 March as follows:

  1. Aged driving assessments conducted by Service NSW will be deferred for a minimum period of three months. Aged test applicants who were due to have a test conducted will have their licence status maintained for the duration.
  2. Customers who hold a current overseas licence that have become a permanent resident will now have an additional three-month extension on the timeframe for them to convert to a NSW licence. 
  3. Driver assessments will be deferred for overseas licence holders except for customers whose overseas licence has recently expired or is expiring within the next two months

Customers who have booked these tests will be contacted by Service NSW to discuss their circumstances to ensure their licence remains active and they can continue to drive.

This service may change to respond to changing conditions. Please call 13 77 88 or visit the Service NSW Driver testing and COVID-19 page for more information.