Service NSW is revising opening hours for service centres across the state to better reflect customer visit patterns and demand.

The revised hours will come into effect from 26 September 2016. Revised Service Centre opening hours.

Based on a review of operating hours to ensure they align with customer needs there was an analysis of customer visits which showed little demand for most service centres before 8.30am and after 5.30pm weekdays and after midday on Saturdays. In some cases, just a handful of people were visiting service centres early or late in the day. The busiest time of the day however, is between 11.30am and 2pm. Opening hours are being adjusted to better reflect these customer visit patterns.

Five centres located within busy shopping areas will remain open until 7pm on Thursdays. These are Wynyard, Bankstown, Liverpool, Marrickville and Miranda. Wynyard, one of the State’s busiest service centres will also remain open until 7pm each weeknight in response to strong customer demand for the Sydney CBD service centre.  

Similar customer visit patterns were recorded in metropolitan, urban and regional areas, prompting the operating hours to be amended across the state. 

Customer call pattern analysis also highlighted less demand for general contact centre services after hours leading to contact centre operating hours also being changed. However, customers calling 13 77 88 after hours will still be able to carry out transactions through our automated system and request a personal call back for the following business day. 

Service NSW’s network includes more than 64 service centres, two contact centres, website and mobile app. The community can access over 970 transactions from more than 40 NSW government agencies.