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Service NSW is collecting your personal information for the purposes of: 

  • Processing your application for a NSW Small Business Bushfire Support Grant.  
  • Contacting you to discuss the outcome of your application. 
  • Providing you with information and guidance. 
  • Performing audits and inspections in order to confirm that the relevant Grant Guidelines/Terms and Conditions have been met. This may involve sharing information about your application with the Office of Emergency Management, and any other NSW or Commonwealth government agency, for the purpose of administering the scheme and auditing your claim. 
  • Contacting you, or any other public/private authority to request/verify/confirm the information you provide in support of your application, for the purpose of processing and auditing your application, subject to applicable law. 
  • Other directly related purposes. 

To perform this service, Service NSW may collect personal information that includes: 

  • full name 
  • address 
  • email address 
  • phone number 
  • declarations.

Even though you are not required by law to provide the above information, if you do not provide any relevant information when requested, your grant application may be rejected, or delayed, if the information is necessary to make a decision on your application. 

Service NSW will not provide your personal information to third parties for any purposes not already stated in this privacy statement, or to which you have not otherwise consented, unless Service NSW is required, or authorised, by law to do so. 

Service NSW may share de-identified information for research and statistical purposes. De-identified information and aggregate data will be provided to third parties and the Commonwealth government (outside of Service NSW). For example, to answer questions such as: total number of applications received and declined. 

Service NSW will take reasonable security measures to protect your personal information from loss, unauthorised access, use, modification, disclosure or other misuse. Your personal information will be held and disposed of securely at:

Service NSW
Level 20
2-24 Rawson Place
Sydney NSW, 2000.

For further details about how Service NSW collects and manages personal information, and how you can access and correct it, visit Service NSW Privacy.

For further details about how the Office of Emergency Management collects and manages personal information, and how you can access and correct such information, visit Communities & Justice – Privacy