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Executive Director, Service Delivery

What Jody brings to Service NSW

Jody has been deeply involved in the development of Service NSW from the initial business case to the present. She is leading the transformation of NSW Government transactional services into an agile omni-channel network delivering responsive customer services.

She is committed to creating an environment that breeds innovation. Jody is recognised for high performance business achievements and is a passionate advocate for the development of teams and individuals.

Jody is an accomplished senior executive with an outstanding track record of developing and delivering results through building staff capability and developing customer and stakeholder relationships.

Previous roles

Jody has held senior executive roles in the NSW public service for more than a decade, including Family and Community Services and the Department of Premier and Cabinet. These roles have all been transformational, leading significant reform in service provision and running large multidisciplinary teams in complex environments.

Jody has a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters in Public Administration.

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