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Executive Director, Onboarding and Project Delivery

What Katie brings to Service NSW

Katie brings an abundance of business and leadership experience to Service NSW.

Katie joined Service NSW from the NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation (DFSI) where she was the Director - Central Policy Office. In her role at DFSI Katie was leading the review of the Mine Subsidence Compensation Act 1961.

Previous roles

Prior to her move into government, Katie was previously the Services and Transformation Manager at Rio Tinto where she managed the Services portfolio comprising of HR management, industrial relations, health and safety management and community relations. During her time at Rio Tinto Katie was appointed Site Lead of Business Transformation, a successful initiative to decrease costs and increase production.

Prior to Service NSW, Katie was the Chief Executive for the Mine Subsidence Board, whose mission is to mitigate the effects of mine subsidence on the NSW community.

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