Stay NSW and Parents NSW vouchers expire 9 October 2022

Business registration closes on 5 October.

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Once approved, you’ll be able to accept and redeem Stay NSW Vouchers using the Service NSW for Business app.

Businesses registered for Stay NSW Vouchers can also accept Parents NSW Vouchers.

Eligible accommodation providers in NSW can register now.


Eligible businesses

Eligible accommodation businesses physically located in NSW can register to accept Stay NSW vouchers.

To register, you must:

  • be authorised to act on behalf of the business​ – listed as an associate or contact on the Australian Business Register
  • have an active Australian Business Number (ABN) that is registered for GST – ensure your details are correct on the Australian Business Register before registering
  • comply with the current public health order and latest COVID safety guidelines for your industry.

Information needed for registration

You'll need:

  • a MyServiceNSW Account
  • 2 personal identity documents such as an Australian driver licence, Medicare card, Australian Passport
  • your business details – ABN, name, address and phone number 
    Note: Your identity document name details must match the name details held with the Australian Business Register for your ABN
  • your business bank account details (to receive your payments).

Registration process

Registration dates

Registration is now open to eligible accommodation providers.

How to register

If you meet the eligibility requirements, you can register a business online.

ABN eligibility

If your ABN is not in an eligible industry but you operate other businesses that should be eligible, you can call 13 77 88 and speak with a Business Concierge. They'll be able to discuss your unique situation and assist you with your registration.

If your ANZSIC code is not a true reflection of your business activities, you can update it on the Australian Business Register. You should seek advice from an accountant or financial advisor before doing this, as making a change may have tax or other implications.


Who can register a business

You can register a business if your name is on the Australian Business Register record. 

If a person other than a registered representative of the business wants to register the business, you can call 13 77 88 and speak with a Business Concierge.

Accountants applying on behalf of businesses

A qualified accountant, registered tax agent or registered BAS agent may register on behalf of your business.

Your accountant will need to provide a letter of authority from you to show that they are authorised to act on behalf of your business if they're not listed as an associate or contact on the Australian Business Register.

Registering more than one business

If you have more than one business, you can register each one separately.

If your business has more than one location under the same business name and ABN, you can add other locations in your Service NSW Business Profile after you have successfully registered.

Registration timings

You'll receive instant confirmation that your registration has been received. We'll let you know if additional information is needed to support your application.

It may take up to 5 business days for Service NSW to review your registration. 

Accepting vouchers

Date vouchers will be available

Businesses can accept Stay NSW and Parents NSW Vouchers now.

Vouchers can be redeemed 7 days a week, including public holidays.

How to scan the vouchers

Before you start accepting vouchers, make sure you have the latest version of the Service NSW for Business app installed. You’ll need to download and install it on each mobile device that will scan vouchers at your business.

Download on the App Store
Get it on Google Play

To accept vouchers, use the Service NSW for Business app on your connected device to scan the digital or printed QR code. You can also manually enter the unique voucher code.   

You can also integrate the Service NSW API with your online booking engine so customers can book, pay for and redeem their accommodation voucher directly on your website​. 

Voucher rules

  • Businesses can accept vouchers for the cost of the room booking only
  • Businesses can accept a voucher for a booking that takes place after the voucher expires, as long as the voucher is redeemed before the voucher expiry date.
  • The vouchers cannot be redeemed for any other products or services. 

Voucher format

Vouchers will be in the form of a QR code. Each voucher will have a unique code. 

Your customers may present a voucher to you:

  • on their mobile device as a digital voucher within the Service NSW app
  • as a printed voucher with a QR code and unique voucher code
  • as a PDF with a QR code and unique voucher code
  • as an SMS with a unique code 
  • by telling you the unique voucher code.

How to check if a voucher is valid

The Service NSW for Business app will only accept vouchers that are valid.

Accepting more than one voucher for the same bill

Multiple customers can use their Stay NSW Vouchers towards the same booking.

Customers can use some or all of their Parents NSW Vouchers towards the same booking (up to the value of $250).

Customers cannot combine their Stay NSW Vouchers and Parents NSW Vouchers together. 

Unused value

If a customer's bill is less than the voucher amount, the customer does not receive the leftover amount, nor does your business. 

For example, if a customer spends $20 and uses a $25 voucher to pay, only $20 can be redeemed against the voucher. The remaining $5 is given up by both your business and the customer. 

Voucher alternatives

Businesses cannot offer cash, a gift voucher or a credit note in exchange for a Stay NSW Voucher or a Parents NSW Voucher.

    Receiving payments

    When businesses will be paid

    There is a one-off validation of your account which may take up to 10 business days.

    After that, you'll receive payments into your nominated bank account within 5 business days after redeeming the vouchers. 

    Tracking payments

    You can keep track of voucher payments to your business in your Service NSW Business Profile.

    Only the person who registered on behalf of your business will be able to access this information.

    GST and tax   

    Vouchers are included in assessable income and you’ll need to report GST on the total amount of voucher payments you receive. 

    Visit the ATO website for full details on government grants and payments during COVID-19.


    Last updated: 16 March 2022