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Service NSW

The NSW Government created Service NSW to deliver on a commitment for improved customer service for the people of NSW.

Service NSW now handles a range of NSW Government transactions for residents and businesses, including drivers' licences and vehicle registration renewals, applications for birth certificates, Seniors Cards, Housing NSW payments, fines, contractor licences and many more.

Since launching, Service NSW has helped customers transact with government, assisting customers through their own life milestones – applying for their first child’s birth certificate, getting their driver's licence for the first time, or starting their own business.

The Service NSW website, which acts as the new digital gateway to multi-government services and transactions, provides an open and transparent source of information for customers, with most services accessible from two to three clicks from the home page (and accessible on any device) as well as easy access to the comprehensive A-Z NSW government directory. Digitised forms for applications such as Birth Certificates and Seniors Cards now do away with printing forms altogether, allowing customers to apply directly online.


The Service NSW technology infrastructure and architecture covers a broad scope to deliver services to customers across three channels – online, phone and in person.

To achieve both short term and long term ICT objectives, the Service NSW technology infrastructure is a blend of existing government agency systems and new systems. Where possible, Service NSW has maximised the reuse of IT components across government agencies and enhanced these to meet specific Service NSW objectives. Using existing systems has provided Service NSW with the technology base to deliver quickly and tactically as they progressively build long-term strategic infrastructure.

Accessible and usable ICT solutions

Better accessibility and usability

Service NSW ICT plans for 2014-16 include strategies to meet customer demand for online, mobile and self-serve solutions that consider customer needs and individual circumstances as they change over time. Service NSW transaction-based services are available in ways that allow customers to command the services offered to suit their needs. At the service centres, the self-serve kiosks utilise Windows 8.1 and are WCAG 2.0  compliant with the latest accessibility standards, as are our digital channels.

Consultation with customers/end users

The digital channel was co-designed with Service NSW customers. Real customers helped design the website features, functionality and the overall look and feel of the digital channel. Community feedback was for less clutter, less clicks and more focus on transactions. Service NSW is offering customers of government services and transactions the ability to provide quick and easy feedback, either at the end of the phone service or at the computerised feedback kiosks in the one-stop-shop service centres. Service NSW has an average customer satisfaction score of 98% – feedback which is tracked in real time and responded to by the Service NSW team to ensure continued quality service to customers.

Benefits to the Service NSW team

The term ‘mobility’ is mission-critical to Service NSW. Working in the cloud-based environment, our team can increase collaboration with their peers, improve productivity and increase flexibility in the office. With a highly mobile workforce, staff are able to monitor and respond to customers and social media out of business hours. The use of tablets has liberated employees from the desktop and improved mobility to boost productivity.

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