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Dangerous goods are substances and articles that are deemed to pose an acute risk to people, property and the environment. You need to have a dangerous goods vehicle licence if you want to transport these goods:

  • in a receptacle with a capacity of more than 500 litres, or
  • if there is more than 500 kilograms in a single receptacle.

A single licence is issued for each transport organisation, and details of all relevant vehicles are included on the licence, for example trailer, rigid vehicle, B-double trailer or road-train trailer. Prime movers are not licensed and intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) with a total capacity of up to 3000 litres are exempt, as long as they are not filled or emptied while on the vehicle.

The licence is valid for 1 year and is recognised throughout Australia.


  • To apply for a Dangerous Goods Vehicle Licence, you must be an individual, company, body corporate or public authority.
  • Partnership name, joint venture name, trust or trading name is not admissible.

What you need

For all vehicles, you'll need to provide the:

  • ​type
  • registration number
  • registration state
  • VIN/Chassis Number
  • make
  • class(es) of dangerous goods to be transported
  • copy of the registration certificate
  • evidence of insurance cover or other form of indemnity for not less than $5 million
  • rear 3/4 image showing the number plate and vehicle type.

In addition, for tank vehicles you'll need the:

  • type
  • manufacturer
  • capacity
  • design approval number and tank serial number
  • photograph of compliance plate showing the valid design approval number and the tank serial number
  • date of last hydraulic or hydrostatic test  (if applicable).

And for tank trailers you'll need the:

  • make
  • stability control details (if applicable).

How to apply

  1. Complete the Application for Dangerous Goods Vehicle Licence – PDF
  2. Pay the fee (as detailed on the form).
  3. Gather the required documentation together with the photographs, and mail to:

Chemicals and Radiation Licensing Unit – Level 21
NSW Environment Protection Authority
PO Box A290
Sydney South NSW 1232

More information

  • The vehicle transporting dangerous goods must be covered by a Dangerous Goods Vehicle Licence, and the driver of that vehicle must hold a Dangerous Goods Driver Licence.
  • The EPA will issue your licence within 20 working days of receiving the complete application.
  • Tanks for most liquids must be hydraulically tested every 5 years, and the EPA won't issue a licence unless they are satisfied that this testing has been done.
  • All tank trailers manufactured from 1 July 2014 must be fitted with Electronic Stability Control (ESC). All tank trailers (new and old) will require ESC from 1 January 2019.
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