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If you're facing serious financial and medical or domestic problems, the Director of Revenue NSW can postpone the enforcement of your overdue fine. In some cases, your fine may be written off. 

You'll need to show that your situation is so severe that you can't pay now, and are unlikely to be able to pay in the future.


You need to:

  • have serious financial and medical or domestic problems
  • not have any possessions that you could sell to pay for the fine
  • be unsuitable to enter into a Work and Development Order (WDO)
  • be unable to do community service work instead of paying the fine.

What you need

  • access to a printer
  • your personal and contact details
  • your driver licence (if applicable)
  • your overdue fine number (or numbers, if you're applying for more than one)
  • a letter from you describing your financial situation and why you think it won't improve
  • copies of supporting documents that show your financial circumstances, such as proof of income, Centrelink details, bank statements and bills
  • a letter or report from a doctor, hospital or health care worker outlining your medical circumstances (if applicable)
  • a letter from a community welfare group explaining your domestic problems (if applicable)
  • the PDF form – 'Statement of Financial Circumstances'.

How to apply

  1. Select the 'Download PDF form' button. 
  2. Complete, print and sign the form.
  3. Attach all the required supporting documents.
  4. Write and attach a letter addressed to the Director of Revenue NSW with:
    • your full name, date of birth, address and driver licence number (if applicable)
    • your enforcement order number
    • the reason/s why you're applying for a postponement
    • your current financial situation.
  5. Lodge your application by mail to:

Revenue NSW
PO Box A2571
Sydney South NSW 1235

More information

  • Include all the information and supporting documents requested, or your application may be refused. If you need help, you can ask a family member, your solicitor/legal advisor, or your community welfare officer to apply on your behalf.
  • If your application is successful, you'll receive a letter from Revenue NSW letting you know that your enforcement orders have either been postponed or written off.
  • If your enforcement orders are postponed, all enforcement action from Revenue NSW will stop for the next 5 years. You'll be contacted after 5 years and asked if your situation has improved. If it hasn't, a write off on your overdue fine will be considered. 
  • If your enforcement orders are written off, you can't receive any new enforcement orders for the next 5 years. If you do, the decision for the write off may be reversed.
  • If your application is unsuccessful, you'll receive a letter from Revenue NSW to let you know. If you wish, you can appeal by applying to the Fines Hardship Review Board.
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