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If you want to change the details on your public passenger driver authority, you'll need to notify Transport for NSW (TfNSW) of the changes. You can download the application form, and lodge it with your supporting documents, to the mailing address on the form.

What you need

  • your proof of identity
  • certified copies of your change of name document (if changing your name) 
  • your current driver authority to be surrendered (if changing your name)
  • to have submitted a Change of Records – Transport for NSW – PDF at a service centre
  • the PDF form – 'Notification of change of details - Public passenger vehicle driver'.

How to change

  1. Select the 'Download PDF form' button.
  2. Complete and print the form.
  3. Sign the declaration.
  4. Attach all supporting and identity documents.
  5. Mail your application to the address on the form.

More information

  • Your identification documents must include at least one (1) primary document (with a value of 70 points) and at least one secondary document (with a value of 30 points). The secondary identification document must be a certified copy of your driver licence.
  • To view a detailed list of acceptable identity documents, please visit TfNSW.
  • The holder of a driver licence must advise TfNSW within 14 days if any of their details change.
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