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Dangerous goods listed and classified in the Australian Dangerous Goods Code, are substances and articles that can harm people, property and the environment. If you transport dangerous goods, you must comply with the Code and dangerous goods legislation.

The Code sets out the technical requirements and responsibilities for transporting dangerous goods by road and rail, to help prevent accidents or harm to people, property and the environment.

You can download the Australian Code for the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road and Rail – PDF. The current version of the code (edition 7.5) is compulsory from 1 March 2018. 

If you're transporting dangerous goods in NSW, you'll also need to comply with other legislation, including the: 

  • Dangerous Goods (Road and Rail Transport) Act 2008, and 
  • Dangerous Goods (Road and Rail Transport) Regulation 2014

The Act is administered by the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) and SafeWork NSW.

The EPA regulates the transport of dangerous goods:

  • by road
  • by rail, in conjunction with the Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator

The EPA carries out regular audits of dangerous goods transport to ensure compliance with legislative requirements.

SafeWork NSW regulates correct classification, packaging and labelling of dangerous goods prior to transport.

For more information about dangerous goods legislation, visit the EPA website. 

Last updated: 29 June 2022
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