Long day care centres, also known as child care centres, are primarily for children from birth–to–5 years old. They're run by private companies, local councils, community organisations, individuals, non-profit organisations or by employers for their staff. Generally they're located in a building or part of a building that's been created specifically for the purpose, and the children are usually grouped in rooms according to age and developmental stage. 

Childcare centres are run by a mix of professional and other staff, and most have an early education component to their programme. They usually operate between 7:30am and 6:00pm, and many offer meals throughout the day.

The majority of childcare centres are approved child care services, and as such must show that they are meeting certain quality standards.

You can use the online tool to find local child care centres by name or location. You can search by different service types: 

  • long day care
  • occasional care
  • family day care
  • vacation care
  • in home care
  • before school hours care
  • after school hours care. 

The search results will show the child care centre's: 

  • address
  • location on a map
  • phone and fax number
  • email
  • fee and services
  • vacancies by permanent or casual place, day, and by age
  • quality of service. 

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