Jury service

Jury service plays an important role in the New South Wales justice system. Juries are used to ensure that legal verdicts are impartial and in line with community standards of behaviour.

Jury roll

The jury roll is a list of names of people, randomly selected by computer, from the NSW electoral roll. Anyone registered to vote in NSW can be included on the jury roll and called up for jury service. 

Selection process

The first step in the jury selection process is a Notice of Inclusion. If you have received a notice it means that during the next 12 months you may receive a jury summons to attend court. The jury summons is posted to you and usually sent out a month before you have to attend court.

Payment for jury service

If you are selected as a juror, you will get paid an allowance. This is intended to reduce any financial hardship you may incur by serving as a juror. 

Apply to be excused

You can ask to be excused from jury service for various reasons, including the kind of work you do, personal circumstances or because you are away from the state.

Last updated: 15 November 2023