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The Legal Profession Admission Board (LBAB) of New South Wales is responsible for making rules for, and approving, the admission of lawyers and appointment as a public notary. The Board also registers Students-at-Law who, after passing the Board's exams, receive a Diploma in Law and satisfy the academic requirements for admission as a lawyer.

The LPAB provides the following services; maintains the rolls of lawyers and public notaries, administers the Student-at-Law exams, Processes applications for admission as a lawyer, appointment as a public notary, registration as a Student-at-Law, assesses the qualifications and experience of applicants from NSW or interstate or overseas, for admission to the profession, accredits law degree courses and courses of practical legal training in NSW, provides certificates, diplomas, academic records and other documents, and the Board also provide application forms, information booklets and advice about its services.

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