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If you're intending to operate a road freight business, you'll need to plan your journeys to find approved routes for the types of heavy vehicles you'll be operating, and to identify the access permits you may require.

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) manages the passage of heavy vehicles to ensure a safe, efficient and sustainable road network. 

To help plan a road freight journey, you can use the following NHVR resources: 

  • NHVR Route Planner – this is an interactive online mapping service which will help you find the approved heavy vehicle routes on the road network. It will also enable you to identify where and when you'll need to apply for access permits.
  • The state road transport authority mapping sites – here you'll find the approved heavy vehicle routes within each state, and in some cases, you'll be able to view additional route information. These websites provide the most up-to-date access information regarding route descriptions and restrictions.
  • Gazette notices and permit-based schemes identify all conditional and route requirements. Due to limitations in what web-based mapping services can convey, you should always consult the relevant gazette notice and/or permit-based scheme.
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