If you're a haemodialysis patient travelling away from home (for study, work or holidays), you may be able to access treatment through the Away From Home Haemodialysis (AFHH) program.

Note: The AFHH is not a rebate scheme. You need to meet the eligibility requirements and apply for assistance before you travel.


You must be a resident of NSW undergoing haemodialysis at home or in a centre-based dialysis unit and:

  • be well enough to travel, as determined by the receiving dialysis unit
  • meet the receiving dialysis unit’s clinical criteria (assessed in the weeks prior to the scheduled sessions)
  • have a functioning, non-infected temporary or permanent vascular access
  • have been on haemodialysis for at least 3 months.

If you'd like to talk to someone about your individual circumstances, contact 1800 ENABLE (1800 362 253) and select the appropriate option.

What you need

  • the PDF form – 'Away From Home Haemodialysis (AFHH) Program Registration Form'
  • your personal and contact details
  • your medicare number
  • your treatment information
  • your insurance details
  • the date you'll require AFHH
  • the dialysis unit you'd like to attend.

How to register

  1. Check the eligibility requirements.
  2. Check the list of AFHH sites available.
  3. Select the 'Download PDF form' button.
  4. Print and complete the form.
  5. Submit your application by mail, email or fax, to the details on the form.

More information

  • The AFHH program only covers the cost of 3 dialysis sessions per year.
  • Transport, accommodation and costs associated with travel to and from the dialysis unit are not covered.
  • Bookings for a dialysis session are essential and must be made before you plan your travel:
Last updated: 28 December 2023