If you've reserved number plates and received a notice that your storage period is due to expire, you can renew/extend your reservation (hold) online, through myPlates.

What you'll need

  • email address
  • driver licence number
  • plate number.

How to reserve

  1. Select the 'Renew online' button.
  2. Select IndividualĀ or Organisation.
  3. Enter your name, email, driver licence number and plate number.
  4. Agree to the privacy policy.
  5. Select how long you want to renew your hold for (from 1 to 5 years).
  6. Agree to the terms and conditions.
  7. Enter your payment details.
  8. Submit your order.

Who's eligible?

  • Anyone who has reserved their number plates (that is, put them into hold).

Things to keep in mind...

  • Your receipt will be emailed to you.

Payment methods

You can review transaction payment options on our payment methods page.

You'll be taken to another website.