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If you operate a heavy vehicle under the NSW Livestock Loading Scheme (NSWLLS), this interactive online map is a helpful tool for planning your route in NSW.

You can use the map layer options to check the approved routes for the following heavy vehicles under the scheme:

  • single articulated combinations
  • 19m B-doubles
  • 23m B-doubles
  • 25m B-doubles
  • road trains
  • B-triples, and  
  • AB-triples.

Vehicles enrolled in the NSWLLS can use: 

  • routes approved for higher mass limits (HML) vehicles
  • all Transport for NSW managed state roads
  • local and regional roads approved by local councils for scheme vehicles
  • restricted bridges on approved routes that have signage to indicate the maximum loads. 

The map is printable, and the approved routes are the legally enforceable network in NSW.

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