Respectful behaviour

Most customers behave respectfully when engaging with Service NSW. In a small number of cases, customers may behave in ways that are difficult to manage, despite our efforts to assist. Our teams and customers all deserve to feel safe and to be treated with respect.

Respectful behaviour includes all of the following:

  • treating us and other customers as you would like us to treat you
  • explaining what you need without yelling, threatening or abusing our staff
  • listening to our staff so they can help you
  • not filming, recording or photographing our staff without their consent.

Unreasonable customer behaviour

Unreasonable customer behaviour is any behaviour by a customer that raises health, safety, resource, or equity issues for our organisation, our staff, or customers. This may be due to the nature, severity, or frequency of the behaviour.

Abusive, aggressive or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated.

If you’re aggressive, we may ask you to leave our premises or end a phone call with you. 

If you’re violent or make a threat of violence, we’ll call the police.

If your behaviour has made our staff feel unsafe, we may issue you with a warning or in some cases impose restrictions on your future interactions with Service NSW.

Warning letters

Warning letters inform customers that their behaviour is unreasonable and the potential consequences.

Restriction letters

Restriction letters direct individuals not to attend or contact Service NSW without prior written approval from an authorised Service NSW Officer.

Removing your restriction

Restrictions remain in force until withdrawn in writing by an authorised Service NSW Officer.

Customer complaints

Our customer complaints process explains how we manage feedback. For more information, refer to Customer complaints

Last updated: 9 February 2024