About Centrelink

The Australian Government delivers social security payments and services through Centrelink.

Centrelink is managed by Services Australia.

Customer Reference Number (CRN)

Your Centrelink CRN is used for all your Centrelink payments and services. 

You'll find your CRN:

  • on letters sent to you by Centrelink or 
  • on your concession card, if you have one.

The format of your CRN is 9 numbers followed by a letter such as 123 456 789A.

Go to the Services Australia website for information about CRNs.

Payments and rates

For a current list of payments and payment rates go to the Guide to Australian Government payments.

Payments are available for:

  • families
  • older Australians
  • people with disability
  • carers
  • youth and students
  • job seekers
  • farm support
  • special circumstances
  • supplements and allowances
  • concession cards.

Parental income

Depending on the payment or service you receive, you may need to update parental income details.

Debts and overpayments

Debt repayment has been paused on some debts that may be affected by income apportionment.


You can set up a Centrelink online account or link services to your MyGov account.

Manage your information

You can also manage most of your Centrelink information using the:

Last updated: 4 April 2024