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Business & Trade

Licences and checks for businesses and trades.

Business Services

Transactions and resources for businesses. 

Culture, Sport & Recreation

Get out and about: art galleries, sightseeing, fishing and more.

Education & Training

Tools for students, parents and educators.

Emergencies & Safety

Access emergency services and public safety information.

Employment & Jobs

Tips and resources for working in NSW.

Environment, Land & Water

Services and information related to our natural resources and utilities.


Find out about your civic rights and responsibilities.

Health & Wellbeing

Access health-related services, like disability support and away from home dialysis.

Housing & Property

All about residential homes, from Housing NSW tenancies to Owner Builder Permits.

Legal Information & Services

Find NSW legal information and access services, like the NSW Trustee and Guardian and help for victims of crime.

Life Events

Transactions and resources for births, deaths, marriages, changes of name, and seniors.

Police Services

Access the services provided by the NSW Police Force to protect the community and property.


Getting around on roads, boats and public transport.

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