Pest management technicians must provide at least 5 working days' notice if they'll be spraying pesticides, or injecting liquid pesticides into the ground, within 20 metres of a property adjacent to a sensitive place.

The Pesticides Regulation 2009 classifies a sensitive place as a:

  • school or pre-school
  • kindergarten
  • childcare centre
  • hospital
  • community health centre, or
  • nursing home.

What you need

  • the full name of the pesticide
  • the reason why the pesticide is being used
  • the proposed date, dates or date range of use
  • where the pesticide will be used
  • any re-entry requirements that are on the pesticide label or permit.

How to notify

  1. Check the Pest management technicians' fact sheet – PDF for an example notice.
  2. Draw up your notice and lodge it by email, fax, post, or in person, with the individual in charge of the sensitive place, such as the school principal, director or manager.

More information

  • Penalties apply if you're unable to show evidence that you provided the required notification.
  • Have copies of the safety data sheet (SDS) in case someone requests them.
Last updated: 2 July 2024

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