Before applying for a liquor licence, you may need to prepare a Community Impact Statement (CIS) to submit with your application. A CIS is a summary of the consultation you've had with the local community about any issues or concerns they have with a proposed liquor licence application.

As part of the CIS process, you will need to get feedback from all impacted stakeholders and outline it in the CIS form. The CIS process must be completed at least 30 days before lodging an application for a liquor licence.

Depending on the type of liquor licence application, there are 2 categories of CIS forms: 

  1. The Category A CIS – PDF.
  2. The Category B CIS – PDF.

Visit the Liquor & Gaming NSW website to check the category of CIS you need to submit, and to find resources for consulting with the community. 

Last updated: 15 November 2023