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Smoke-free laws ban smoking in all public indoor areas (like cinemas, shopping centres and on public transport), as well as in some public outdoor areas.

Smoking is banned at the following public outdoor areas:

  • within 4 metres of an entrance or exit of a public building (like a restaurant or other commercial business)
  • within 10 metres of children's play equipment (like a playground in a park)
  • public swimming pools
  • sports grounds
  • public transport stops (like train station platforms, bus stops or taxi ranks), and
  • all commercial outdoor dining areas.

If you think an outdoor smoking ban has been ignored, you can report it online.

What you need

Details of where the outdoor smoking ban was ignored, including:

  • where it was
  • when it was, and
  • your contact details (optional).

How to lodge a complaint

  1. Select the 'Report online'  button.
  2. Complete the form. 
  3. Select 'Submit form'.

More information

  • If you provide your contact details when completing the online form, NSW Health may contact you for further information if required.
  • The online form is for reporting smoking at outdoor smoke-free zones. If you'd like to make a report about an indoor smoke-free zone, please contact your local Public Health Unit.
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