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You can use the online Medicare levy calculator to work out how much your Medicare levy will be, including any entitlement you may have to a reduction or exemption. It can calculate the levy for the past 3 tax years.


All Australian residents.

What you need

  • your taxable income
  • your spouse's income (if applicable)
  • the number of days you're eligible for an exemption (if applicable).

How to calculate

  1. Select the 'Calculate online' button.
  2. Enter the required details.
  3. Select 'Submit'.

More information

  • The calculator gives you an estimate only, as the exact amount can only be calculated when you lodge your income tax return. 
  • In addition to the Medicare levy, a surcharge of between 1% to 1.5% is added if you don’t have private hospital cover and your taxable income is above a prescribed amount. The calculator doesn't calculate the surcharge.
  • Medicare is a Commonwealth government program for all Australians and is accessed via the Medicare website or a Medicare Service Centre. Service NSW does not deliver any Medicare related services.

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