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Your MyServiceNSW Account and Business Profile will be unavailable from 8:30pm on Monday 10 October to 2:30am on Tuesday 11 October. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

An easier way to transact with the NSW Government

If you're a business owner, a Business Profile can help you manage your applications for licences, grants, vouchers and more. If you already have a MyServiceNSW Account, simply log in to create your Business Profile.

Business Profile overview page

Stay up to date with email and SMS notifications

Tell us what you want to hear about and opt in to receive email and SMS notifications relevant to your business. 

Autofill new business applications

Your business details are saved automatically, making it easier to apply for business permits, licences, grants and more.

Track the progress of your applications

Stay up to date with the progress of your business applications and get notified of the outcomes.

Manage your business licences in one place

Search and save licences to your Business Profile so you can be notified when they're about to expire.

  1. Log in or create your Business Profile.
  2. Add your business details.
  3. Search and add your licences.

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Last updated: 12 September 2022