All digital trade licences and credentials can be accepted at worksites in place of the physical card.

As a licence checker, you'll get a worker's real-time licence information and if you require extra reassurance beyond a visual check, you can scan the digital trade licence or credential with the verification feature in the Service NSW app.

How to check a digital licence or credential

Licence checkers, such as safety officers and site supervisors, need to know how to verify a digital trade licence or credential. It contains features that confirm it is authentic and current, reducing the risk of identity fraud or hiring an unlicensed worker.

To visually check a digital trade licence or credential:

  1. Check details such as name, date of issue and date of birth, as you would with a physical card.
  2. Check the live features, such as the date and time, animated NSW Government logo in the top left-hand corner and the Waratah hologram.
  1. Animated NSW Government logo
  2. Last refreshed date and time
  3. QR code expires and reloads
  4. Waratah hologram moves when the phone is tilted.

Checkers have 2 options to verify a digital trade licence or credential:

  1. Ask the worker to swipe down the digital trade licence or credential to refresh the date and time.
  2. Scan the QR code using the licence scanner available in the Service NSW app on your mobile device. Go to 'Check a licence or credential' under Services in the app to access the QR code reader.

Avoid handling the worker's phone. If you have difficulty viewing or scanning, ask them to adjust the phone to make checking easier.

If you're having an issue verifying the authenticity of the digital trade licence or credential, ask for the physical card and follow the correct procedures.


Last updated: 15 June 2022