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If you're wanting your assistance animal to accompany you on public transport, you need to have a permit from Transport for NSW (TfNSW), or another form of accepted accreditation.

Valid accreditation allows your animal to ride with you, free of charge, on trains, buses, ferries, light rail, taxis, private buses and private ferry services.

Permits are free, and valid for 24 months.

Note: Interstate visitors can apply for an interstate permit, but it's not required if you currently hold a valid permit recognised by TfNSW as itemised in Schedule C of their Assistance Animal Policy – PDF.

What you need

  • the relevant PDF form:
    • 'Application for Assistance Animal Permit' or
    • 'Application for Assistance Animal Permit (Interstate Residents)'.
  • medical evidence of your disability
  • documentation confirming the animal is registered with your local council
  • a photo of the animal
  • evidence that the animal has received training from:
  • documentation that details how the skills and actions the animal has been trained in:
    • alleviate the effects of your disability
    • meet the appropriate behaviour and hygiene standards for a public place
    • enable you to control the animal.

      Note: If you are self-training your animal you can apply for a temporary training permit – PDF. If your application is approved, you'll be able to train the animal for a maximum of 6 months on public transport, prior to applying for an Assistance Animal Permit.

      How to apply

      1. Gather all the required documentation.
      2. Download either:
      3. Complete and save the form.
      4. Select the Concessions application – Transport for NSW link.
      5. Enter the required information.
      6. Attach the PDF form you completed and saved, and all your supporting documents (including the photo of your assistance animal).
      7. Select 'Send'.

      More information

      • TfNSW also accepts the following animal ID cards as accreditation:

        • Guide Dogs Australia
        • Vision Australia Seeing Eye Dogs
        • mindDog Australia
        • Australian Lions Hearing Dogs.
      • Always carry your animal's ID card or your TfNSW Animal Assistance Permit with you when you're travelling, as proof of entitlement.
      • You need to renew your permit after 24 months, and provide evidence that both you and your animal have completed refresher training within the last 6 months.

      • On NSW TrainLink Regional services you must book an additional seat for your assistance animal. 
      • You can find out if local transport services recognise the permit by visiting Local Transport Operators.
      Last updated: 16 October 2022
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