You can apply for accreditation as a bus tour operator, online.

To determine your eligibility and thoroughly assess your application, Transport for NSW (TfNSW) requires specific documentation from you. Ensure you can provide the documentation before you apply.


You must:

What you need

  • a certified copy of your Australian driver licence (scanned as a PDF)
    Note: If you hold an interstate licence or do not hold an Australian driver licence you'll need a secondary proof of identity document
  • a valid email address (to receive your confirmation email)
  • evidence you've paid the non-refundable application fee
  • National Police check issued no more than 3 months prior to this application
    Note: If you cannot arrange a police check, Transport for NSW will send you a one-time link that will enable them to complete the police check on your behalf.
  • references from 2 individuals who have known you for at least 2 years, stating that you are of good character
    (Refer to section 2.2.1 of the Bus Operator Accreditation Package – PDF)
  • a financial statement from a qualified accountant on official letterhead
    (Refer to section 2.2.4 of the Bus Operator Accreditation Package – PDF)
  • an additional statement from a qualified accountant as to the solvency and general financial standing of the corporation (if applicable)
  • a statement on official council letterhead approving the nominated bus depot address
    (Refer to section 2.2.6 of the Bus Operator Accreditation Package – PDF)
  • a signed lease arrangement with the owner of the property showing the address of the depot (if applicable)
  • details of any civil or criminal offences within the last 5 years
    (Refer to section 2.2.2 of the Bus Operator Accreditation Package – PDF)
  • a signed statement declaring any bankruptcy, criminal or civil convictions, or charges pending, that have occurred within the last 5 years (if applicable)
  • a certified copy of your Bus Operator Accreditation certificate.

How to apply

  1. Check you have all the documents you'll need to upload.
  2. Select the 'Apply online' button.
  3. Complete the online application form.
  4. Upload your documentation.
  5. Submit your application.
Last updated: 18 May 2023