If you want to legally hunt in NSW you need to hold the appropriate game hunting licence.

Your licence will depend on:

  • the land you wish to hunt on:
    • private land only
    • public or private land
  • the type of animal you wish to hunt:
    • game animals (non-indigenous birds)
    • native game birds
    • feral or pest animals 
  • the reason for hunting the animal:
    • recreation or personal consumption
    • to sell the meat or any other part of the animal
    • to conduct guided hunting activities.

A NSW General game hunting licence allows you to hunt on private land only.

A NSW Restricted game hunting licence allows you to hunt on public or private land.

Licences can be of 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 years' duration.

Note: The Department of Primary Industries (DPI) provides:

  • all the information you need on how to:
    • apply, renew and manage your hunting licence online
    • access the Hunt NSW app
  • the necessary PDF forms to download and complete if you're unable to transact online
  • information on when you are not required to hold a NSW game hunting licence.
Last updated: 29 February 2024

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