Apprentices or new entrant trainees who have to travel more than 120kms (round trip) to attend day or block release training, may be able to apply for financial assistance from the Vocational Training Assistance Scheme (VTAS).

If you're eligible, VTAS will provide:

  • an allowance/kilometre travelled from your usual place of residence to the training location
  • a daily amount towards your accommodation if your training extends over several consecutive days (block release).

You must submit your claims no later than 30 June in the year following the year of travel.


You must meet the following requirements:

  • you're registered in NSW as an apprentice or new entrant trainee under the Apprenticeship and Traineeship Act 2001
  • the place of employment is in NSW
  • you have to travel more than 120kms (round trip) for your off-the-job training.

What you need

  • the start date of your training contract
  • records of the kilometres travelled from your usual place of residence to the training location
  • receipts for your away-from-home accommodation
  • the PDF forms:
    • 'Vocational Training Assistance Scheme (VTAS) Application for Allowance'
    • 'Vocational Training Assistance Scheme (VTAS) Signed Statement' (if applicable)
  • your bank account for payment.

How to apply

  1. Select the 'Download PDF form' button.
  2. Complete the form, and have your training provider sign it.
  3. Download and complete Vocational Training Assistance Scheme (VTAS) Signed Statement – PDF (if applicable), and have your employer sign it.
  4. Gather your supporting documentation.
  5. Lodge your application using the details on the form.

More information

  • Signed Statement (if applicable):
    • If you live within the Sydney Trains area and want to claim the travel allowance, you need to explain on the VTAS Signed Statement form why you're not travelling by public transport using the Transport Concession Entitlement Card.
    • If you want to claim the accommodation allowance for the night before training commences or the night of the final day of training you'll also need to provide the Signed Statement form.
  • Claims for expenses prior to the previous year will not be considered.
  • Visit Travel, accommodation and relocation assistance packages for apprentices for more detailed information.
Last updated: 29 April 2024

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