If you're wanting to test gaming machines to determine whether they meet technical standards, you'll need to apply for a gaming machine testing facility licence.

You must be a corporation, and the licence allows you to test the machines in or on the premises specified on the licence.


  • The company probity forms must be completed by the principal executive officer of the corporation, or another person:
    • who has knowledge of the relevant facts
    • who has been duly appointed by the company board to complete the forms
    • whose authority has been minuted.

What you need

  • the required payment
  • the application forms:
    • company probity form (part A)
    • company probity form (part B)
    • individual probity form.
  • a recent colour passport size photo of the person completing the individual probity form
  • a JP or legal practitioner to:
    • witness the required affidavits
    • verify identity where required.
  • a photocopy of the item/s used to verify identity, such as a driver licence or a passport.

How to apply

  1. Email to request the following application forms:
    • company probity form (part A)
    • company probity form (part B)
    • individual probity form.
  2. Read the 'Instructions for Completion', as set out in each form.
  3. Complete the 3 forms, including the checklists, and affidavits (where applicable).
  4. Make 2 copies of each completed form.
  5. Collect all the corporate and personal documents as itemised on each form.
  6. Gather together:
    • the 3 original completed application forms
    • the 2 copies of each completed application form
    • all the required supporting documentation, photo/s and photocopy/s as indicated on the 3 application forms.
  7. Lodge your application with payment, and mark 'confidential':
    • in person – Market Product Approvals & Casino Operations, Liquor & Gaming NSW, Level 6, 323 Castlereagh Street, Haymarket NSW 2000, or
    • by post – Market Product Approvals & Casino Operations , Liquor & Gaming NSW, GPO Box 7060, Sydney NSW 2001.

More information

  • The forms must be completed in English, and any supporting documentation not in English must have a certified English translation appended.

To make sure that you have all the information and documentation you need to complete this transaction, please visit Liquor & Gaming NSW.

Last updated: 24 February 2021