If you want to play music at your business, you'll need to apply for the appropriate copyright licences.

All music, be it live performances or background music, CDs or music videos, karaoke or DJs, is the intellectual property of its creator/s, and is protected under Australian copyright laws. To comply with these laws, a business that wants to play any kind of music must have a licence from all of the copyright owners.

OneMusic Australia provides Public Performance licensing for businesses and includes:

  1. Copyright in the musical work. This covers the composition (that is, the notes and lyrics). 
  2. Copyright in the sound recording. This covers the recorded version, and is usually produced by an artist or their record company.

What you need

  • your business details
  • details of how you'll be using music, and
  • details of an authorised person.

More information

Background music includes:

  • music played to your customers:
    • from, and copied onto, digital devices such as tablets and smartphones
  • the playing of music from CDs, radios and TVs
  • the use of music for your telephone-on-hold system, and
  • music used in areas not accessible to the public.

The fees you'll need to pay will change depending on your music usage.

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