If you would like to make changes to a heritage listed place, you may need to seek approval from your local council or from the Heritage Council of NSW before you start development. If you're not the owner of the place, you'll need to get consent from the owner before seeking approval.

Before undertaking any new works or development, you should check the State Heritage Register to find out if the place is a locally or state significant heritage place.

You may not need development consent for minor works to heritage places if the works don’t have a significant impact to the heritage conservation areas or items.

If the place is a locally significant heritage listing, check the following with your local council:

  • the requirements for developing on this site, and
  • whether you need to apply for a Development Application or Heritage Exemption Certificate.

If the place is a state significant heritage listing, you may need to submit a Section 60 application to the Heritage Council of NSW to approve new development or construction work. 

Heritage listings can include:

  • places
  • buildings
  • works
  • relics
  • landscapes
  • trees
  • potential archaeological sites
  • conservation areas.
Last updated: 19 March 2024