A food safety supervisor (FSS) is someone who is trained to recognise and prevent food handling risks in your business.

You must appoint an FSS if your business prepares and sells food that is:

  • ready to eat
  • potentially hazardous (temperature-controlled)
  • not sold or served in the supplier’s original packaging.

    An FSS must be appointed:

    • at each of your premises
    • from the first time food is handled and sold.

    Your FSS will need to be trained by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

    You can find an RTO online through the NSW Food Authority website.


    Businesses that will need an FSS include:

    • restaurants
    • cafes
    • takeaway shops
    • pubs, clubs, motels, B&Bs, entertainment venues with food service areas
    • caterers
    • bakeries
    • supermarkets selling hot food.

    You do not need an FSS if you:

    • have a licence with the NSW Food Authority
    • sell coffee but only need to heat milk
    • are a:
      • not-for-profit or charity
      • school canteen (primary, secondary, boarding)
      • correctional centre.

    The FSS must:

    • hold an FSS certificate that is less than 5 years old
    • not be a supervisor for any other food premises
    • get refresher training from an RTO every 5 years.

    How to appoint

    1. Check the eligibility requirements.
    2. Choose at least one person to be the FSS for each of your premises.
    3. Have them obtain an FSS certificate by:
      1. completing the FSS training with an RTO, or
      2. submitting an FSS certificate request form – PDF to the NSW Food Authority.

    More information

    You can be fined if you do not:

    • appoint one FSS at each of your premises
    • keep the FSS certificate on the premises
    • appoint a new FSS within 30 days of an FSS leaving or their certificate expiring. 
    Last updated: 7 December 2023